I started my crew site mainly for myself because it's the easiest way for me
to organize my Petz and it also really helps me pick breeding pairs :D
You are, of course, welcome to browse and request litters!

Almost all of my petz are in P4 and compatible with P3/4/5, but I do have a small P5

Each pet has a small drop down box under their name. These boxes contain information
such as:

  • Extra pictures
  • Being Non-inbred (Purebreds Only)
  • Generation (Purebreds or Low-gen Mixes Only)
  • Ancestors (Purebreds Only)
  • Lines (Purebreds Only)
  • Relations to other petz
  • What traits they pass on to offspring
  • Hexed lines
  • Brexing (Eye size, eyelid color, etc)
  • Personalities
  • Hidden patches
  • Overwrites Used